session Overview

We are so pleased that you have chosen Bluebonnet Photography to capture your special moments. From start to finish we aim to provide you with excellent customer service. We want to ensure the steady pace of excitement and joy by creating a customized personal photo session for you and your family. I take your satisfaction very seriously, and want your session to be a memorable and enjoyable experience. Below is a list of answers, tips, and next steps to ensure that your session goes off without a hitch.


When Should I Schedule My Session?

I would recommend scheduling your session at least a month in advance. This allows us to conduct a pre-session consultation and find the perfect venue for your photo shoot. (To secure your booking we require your session fee be paid in full).

I have booked my session. What are the next steps?

Once I receive your session deposit. I will send you a password protected link to my "Forms" gallery. You will need to complete a Contract, Liability Form, Model Release, and any Supplemental documents that are requested by the photographer. These will need to be completed prior to our session. 

why do you need these forms?

The "Contract" outlines the agreement between you and the photographer. The "Liability Waiver" releases the photographer from any liability in the event that someone is injured during the session. The "Model Release" allows me to use the photos for advertising and marketing purposes. The "Supplemental Forms" are if your spouse is being photographed with you. Unfortunately, we live in a day in age that requires small business owners to take these additional precautions. All forms can be electronically signed, and are stored electronically and emailed to you once completed.  

Where do family sessions take place?

Family sessions take place at an outdoor location or in the comfort of your own home. You have an option of four different landscapes. Urban, Rustic, Forest, or Ocean setting. (Newborns Sessions will be conducted in studio location.)

How long will my session be?

A normal session last 60 minutes, but please allow for additional time in the event we are having challenging lighting issues. (Newborn Session are 2-3 hrs.)

We are awkward in Photos. Can you help us?

Yes! I give a lot of direction during the session. I will give actions to play out, which will help you be more natural and relaxed. It also allows us to capture those candid moments.

When will I receive my preview?

Due to the personalized nature of our business, all previews will be seen at your Premier Ordering Appointment. This appointment will be scheduled within 1-2 weeks after your session.

can I have all digital images including my raw files? 

Unfortunately, I do not sell RAW files or unedited images at this time. Digital packages can be purchased to compliment any print package.

can i edit the photos you took? 

No. This is outlined in your contract. I hope you have chosen Bluebonnet Photography because you love our work. Photography is an art form, and the artistic vision of the photographer takes countless hours to realize. Once your session is complete, that is when the real work begins. It will take anywhere between 12-16 hours to edit your photos. We take great care in our editing processes.  Please refrain from using filters, presets, removing watermarks, or cropping our photos from your purchased digital files. Your thoughtfulness and respect is greatly appreciated.  

This sounds great! How do I book a session? 

Please call or email us to schedule your in person consult. You can email us at, or call us at 253-970-7184.